Ultra Short Throw UST Projector Enclosure

UST Projector Enclosure Climate Control – Ultra Short Throw

UST Projector Enclosure specifically designed for Ultra Short Throw Projector and Lenses such as the Epson ELPLX01 and ELPLX02.

Integrated Mounting, Cooling and Vandal Resistant.

Outdoor UST Projector Installation

Installing your UST projector outside is never a good idea unless protected. Laser projectors and even lamp based projectors are incredibly sensitive to things like Dust, Heat, Snow, Water and Cold and more.

Protecting your projector in an outdoor enclosure is critical to maintaining your projector warranty and life expectancy. Installing your ultra short throw projector in an enclosure is allows the opportunity to install projection displays in nearly any environment on the planet.

Ultra Short Throw Projectors are tricky to enclose due to the extreme projector angle they project at. This projector enclosure is specifically designed for the Epson UST Lenses but we can create an enclosure for any UST Projector.

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UST Projector enclosure - Ultra Short Throw

UST Projector Enclosure Features

Ultra Short Throw Projector Enclosure for Epson ELPX01 and Epson ELPX02 Projectors, some of the features and benefits are listed below.

  • Vandal Resistant, locking access door
  • Integrated Internal Projector Mount
  • Customized Projection Window for unique projection angle
  • Climate Control System, Integrated AC with thermostatic control
  • Powder Coat Finish, wide variety of color choices (Black/White standard)
  • Uni-strut on top for mounting and installation
  • Internal Power Outlet for Projector
  • Weathertight Cable Pass Thru
  • Weather Protection from Rain, Snow, Wind, Dust, Heat and more

Enclosure Climate Control System

The ProjectorEnclosure.com Climate Controlled Projector Enclosure has an integrated air conditioning unit. This climate control system will keep your projector in a recirculated air environment, the benefit include the following:

  • Limited or No entry of foreign debris or material¬† in the enclosure
  • Integrated Condensate Evaporator
  • Thermostatic Control maintains your desired temperature year round 24/7/365

Fan Cooled UST Enclosure

UST Projector Enclosure - Epson ELPx01, Epson ELPX02 - UST Outdoor Projector Enclosures

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