Ultra Short Throw Integrator Enclosure

Ultra Short Throw Integrator Enclosure


Screen Solutions Ultra Short Throw enclosures are designed to work with most UST Projector Lens combinations. We make these in Fan-Cooled and Air Conditioned, for Indoor & Outdoor Applications. With an Optically clear large projection window and an Internal Projector Mount, these models are one of a kind, making it easy for clients who have limited space for their Projection Projects.
Ultra Short Throw Model

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Screen Solutions Ultra Short Throw Integrator Enclosure is carefully crafted to complement a variety of UST projector lens combinations. Designed for versatility, these enclosures are available in both Fan-Cooled and Air-Conditioned models, catering to the demands of indoor and outdoor applications alike. The innovative design features a large projection window and an internal projector mount, distinguishing these models as truly unique solutions, particularly useful for clients facing spatial constraints in their projection projects.

The Ultra Short Throw Integrator Enclosure stands out as the ideal companion for most Ultra Short Throw projectors. Equipped with an interior mounting shelf, breaker, outlet, and exterior power and AV pass-through, these fan-cooled enclosures simplify the task of safeguarding your projector investment. The internal outlets ensure seamless connectivity, while the breaker enhances the enclosure’s functionality by providing additional control over your setup.

The fan-cooled design further solidifies the UST Integrator’s reputation for simplicity and efficiency. The inclusion of a filtered air intake adds an extra layer of protection, preventing dust and debris from compromising the projector’s performance. This thoughtful integration of features not only ensures optimal functionality but also extends the lifespan of your valuable equipment.

Whether you’re working with limited space or seeking a reliable solution for your Ultra Short Throw projection needs, Screen Solutions Ultra Short Throw Enclosures offer a versatile and user-friendly option. Elevate your projection projects with a product designed to provide the utmost protection, clarity, and ease of use.

Invest in the UST Integrator for a seamless integration of technology and space-saving design. Make your projection endeavors a breeze with Screen Solutions’ commitment to excellence and innovation. For inquiries or to explore further customization options, feel free to contact our dedicated team. Your projection projects deserve the best – choose Screen Solutions for a superior audiovisual experience.

Tech Specs

Can’t find your size? Talk with a representative about our custom enclosure solutions.

Common Applications for Ultra Short Throw Projector Enclosures

  • Indoor & Outdoor Theaters
  • Pool Decks
  • Patios
  • Restaurants
  • Community Events
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Bars
  • Nightclubs

Ultra Short Throw Projector Enclosure Key Features

  • Keep your projector from overheating.
  • Filter and fan-cool the ambient air.
  • Allow projector placement in harsh environments..
  • Turnkey, vandal-resistant design.


One Standard Size:
34″W x 29.32″D x 13.02″H


Dimensional Drawings

Ultra short throw Enclosure

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