Indoor Hush Projection Enclosures

Indoor Hush Projection Enclosures


Screen Solutions Indoor Hush Projection Enclosures provide protection, cooling, and a low sound output of 10dba.
The two internal outlets,  adjustable projector shelves, and the fully insulated unit provide a turnkey system that is
perfect for sound-sensitive installations. Whether that is in a museum, home theater, or office space, the Indoor Hush
Projection Enclosures is a great option for any of your indoor needs.

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Type: Indoor

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The Screen Solutions  Indoor Hush Projection Enclosures are an optimal solution for spaces that demand a noise-free atmosphere. Safeguarding your projector with precision, these enclosures excel in maintaining a tranquil audio environment.

Made for installations where silence is crucial, these enclosures feature an intelligent design with a fan cooling system ensuring both optimal projector temperature and exceptionally low sound output. This makes the Hush Projection Enclosure perfect for home theaters, museum, offices and more.

Discover enhanced setup options with two internal outlets and dual breakers. The adjustable projector shelf allows personalized positioning for an ideal viewing experience. Fully insulated, this unit guarantees controlled sound and temperature, establishing a reliable environment for your valuable equipment.

Screen Solutions offers customization with tailored builds and colors, seamlessly blending the enclosure into your space.  The sky is the limit and at Screen Solutions we like to do the impossible. So if you have a request that’s not apart of our standard sizes and colors, then please reach out to us and let us see how we can help you.

Choose the Screen Solutions Indoor Hush Projection Enclosures for a comprehensive solution in quiet setups, merging innovation, functionality, and personalization. Trust Screen Solutions for excellence in every aspect, elevating your audiovisual experience.

For any inquiries or quotes on custom enclosures, please feel free to contact our team at (888) 631-5880.


  • Thermostatically Controlled
  • Fully Insulated
  • Adjustable projector Shelf
  • 2x Internal Outlets
  • 2x Internal Breakers


Small: 14W x 12D x 6H

Medium: 18W x 20D x 9H

Medium Plus: 24W x 22D x 10H

Large: 24W x 32D x 10H


  • Metal
  • Powder coat Paint
  • Glass window

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