Fan-Cooled Projector Enclosures

Fan-Cooled Projector Enclosures


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Type: Indoor & Outdoor

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The Screen Solutions Integrator Fan Cooled Enclosure boasts a sleek, slim body style and an array of Standard Features. These features include Vandal Resistant Locks, a Large Projection Window, Weatherproof Cable Pass-throughs, Thermostatic Cooling, Top & Bottom Uni-strut for mounting, Internal breakers & Outlets, and a provided Power Whip with an additional knockout. Notably, there is no need for external ducting, making this unit suitable for both Indoor and Outdoor use.

With readily available standard sizes that typically ship within 48 hours of ordering, as well as two standard color options (black and white), the Integrator series enclosures, featuring fan cooling, present an effortless choice for your projection project.


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