The Defender Series Enclosures

The Defender Series Enclosures


Explore top-notch outdoor protection with our premium Enclosures from The Defender Series. Our climate-controlled solutions redefine industry standards, ensuring durability in diverse environments. From cutting-edge technology to robust insulation, our Enclosures guarantee the ultimate defense for your valuable equipment. Trust The Defender Series for superior quality and reliability in outdoor enclosures.

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Type: Indoor & Outdoor

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Explore our cutting-edge Defender Series Climate-Controlled Projector Enclosures, setting industry standards for outdoor projector protection. Loaded with advanced features, these enclosures offer all you require for outdoor projection. Trust the Defender Series to safeguard your projectors for years in almost any condition.

Why Choose Our Defender Projectors:

  1. Easy to Use:
    • Our Defender Projectors are designed to be super easy to use. With our plug-and-play technology, your enclosure will come with dual universal outlets and dual breakers.
  2. Works in Most Weather Conditions:
    • These enclosures can handle hot, cold, or humid weather, making them perfect for just about any environment.
  3. Fits Any Size Projector:
    • Our enclosures can handle everything whether your projector is small (5000 Lumens) or big (50,000 lumens)
  4. Drip-less System for Low Maintenance:
    The innovative drip-less system in our enclosures ensures a hassle-free experience, minimizing maintenance efforts and allowing you to focus on your projection event.
  5. Vandal Resistance: 
    We know how expensive projectors can be, so all of our enclosures come with a lock and key to help keep your projector safe from vandalism or theft.

Customize Options:

Make sure your enclosure fits any space by utilizing our custom options:

  • Pick Your Size and Color:
    • Choose the size and color that fits your style. Make it just right for your space.
  • Branding: 
    • Is your enclosure going to stand out? We partner with a local vinyl professional who can wrap your enclosure with any marketing or branding material you desire.
  • Custom Camouflage Option:
    • Want your enclosure to blend in? Our custom vinyl wrapping can make it look like it belongs in your space.

Choose the Defender Series for reliable technology, great features, and full environmental protection.

If you have any questions or requests, feel free to give our team a call at 888-631-5880


  • Adjustable Projector Shelf
  • Weatherproof
  • Security Key Lock
  • Dual Breakers (Outlet/Thermostat)
  • Uni-Strut (For Easy Mounting)
  • Custom Color Available


Small: 21.65″ x 22.42″ x 25.57″

Medium: 39.21″ x 27.15″ x 28.83″

Large: 54.17″ x 35.24″ 33.44″

Large +: 62.64″ x 47.56″ x 41.83″

Extra large: 75.25″ x 53.25″ x 46.25″

Custom: Please contact a representative 888.631.5880



Metal with powder coat finish.

(White is the standard. Custom Colors available)

Dimensional Drawing

Defender Enclosure

Interior of Defender Enclosure


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