Projector Hush Boxes


Projector Hush Boxes

Projectors are meant to be seen, not heard. Projector hush boxes are designed and used to silence or hush a projector or other electronic devices that generate noise from the cooling fan system or electronics. This type of projector enclosure is typically used in a home theater or corporate boardroom situation where projector noise can be distracting or devastating to the viewing experience.

You must consider several factors when considering a hush box for your projector and determine if this is even an option for you.

Projectors require a steady, clean, fresh air supply to operate effectively, Because of this, you must determine where your projector will be located and how you will bring that fresh air into the box and remove or expel air out of the box. If your projector overheats, it will shut down and will not reset itself to be turned back on until the projector temperature is reduced to normal operating temperature. So, if you are putting this hush box enclosure into a cabinet or building it into an AV rack or cabinet, be sure to account for these two necessities.

The other very important consideration is air filtration. The air in your house or facility is mostly inundated with dust and other airborne contaminates that will absolutely devastate a projector's sensitive electronic components. You must filter the incoming air in order to keep as much dust as reasonably possible out of the projector hush box. Also, should you forget to clean your hush box on a frequent basis, you will find that the dust will get rather thick in the projector enclosure and the potential for your projector to catch fire is certainly a risk. Prepare for this potential threat and lengthen the life of your electronics investment at the same time by filtering the incoming air!

Although this may seem like a difficult, complicated, or daunting task, there are always solutions to every problem, and we have a wealth of real world experience to help solve your unique projection situation or fulfill your projector enclosure requirements. We design and fabricate stock and custom projector enclosure solutions for home theater, industrial, commercial, and retail use. We have vast experience with environmental concerns across the board and have been involved in projector enclosure projects for some of America's largest companies because our products simply work - and they can work for you.

If you have questions about projector hush box options, we are available to answer questions and provide further detail for your particular situation, projector, or circumstance. Screen Solutions has Stock Enclosures that can ship in just a few days. We provide Hush Boxes, Outdoor, Indoor, Weatherproof, Vandal Resistant, Industrial, and many other Enclosures for almost every use there may be for projection technology. We can design and fabricate an enclosure for your unique and custom project too.

Visit us at or call 888-631-5880 for a no hassle consultation that we guarantee will provide value to your and your business.

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