Climate Controlled Projector Enclosures


Climate Controlled Projector Enclosures

Indoor Enclosures, Outdoor Enclosures, 3 Standard Sizes Available, Quick Shipping

Indoor Projector Enclosures and Outdoor Projector Enclosures are available in three (3) standard sizes for quick shipping. Stock projector enclosures will protect your projector from harmful environmental contaminates that reduce efficiency, bulb, and projector life expectancy. Stock projector enclosures keep your projector clean and cool as it filters out particulates that otherwise damage the sensitive electronics and ultimately destroy projectors and their bulbs.

Indoor and outdoor standard projector enclosures are available in the following sizes and each have a recommended maximum projector size: Projector Enclosure Sizing Chart

Features of Projector Enclosures:

  • Optional thermostatic control (now included)
  • Easy mounting kit available
  • Quick projector enclosure filter change
  • Gasketed projector access door
  • Locking enclosure door
  • Optional Pre-Filter Kit for extreme environments
  • Long life fans
  • Proven design
  • 3 Standard sizes available
  • Aluminum powder coated construction
  • Field serviceable
  • 110v or 220v power
  • Large optical projector enclosure window for projector lens and IR Sensor
  • Large holes for cable access
  • Quick easy setup and installation
  • Cost effective
  • Fast ship times

Benefits of Project Enclosures

  • Cools projector and bulb
  • Filters out harmful contaminates
  • Provides the ability to place projectors in otherwise harmful environments
  • Extends projector and bulb life expectancy

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