projectors and humidity

Projectors and Humidity

Why is humidity worth worrying about? Because projectors and humidity do not mix well. Humidity is not just bad for your hair and personal comfort, it is also extremely bad for your electronic device’s lifespan. This super fine mist is equivalent…

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restaurant projector enclosures

Projector Enclosures for Restaurants

A restaurant projector is great for showing sporting events, news broadcasts, sitcoms, and many other video events with style. With the rage of the Wii and many other interactive game platforms, more and more establishments have installed their own large format digital displays…

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projector overheating

Projector Overheating?

Is your projector overheating? Projectors are highly sophisticated electronic devices that have come very far in the last 10 years. Manufacturers routinely work to out-perform each other and lower costs, but the issue of projector overheating has never been fully solved. This…

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projector cooling

Projector Cooling

If you need to have projector cooling, it is probably because you have the projector in a situation it was not originally designed to be in. What usually will happen when a projector overheats is that it will begin its shut down process, causing…

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