Projection displays have become a must-have for many learning environments, and many teachers use a classroom projector regularly. These systems use sophisticated technology, but there is one thing it must always have: air. Much like the human body, a classroom projector without a steady supply of fresh air becomes powerless very quickly. Without air, even the most advanced technology’s life span and ability to perform impressive tasks will be cut short.

Much like homes, classrooms are plagued with all the dust and contaminates that accompany dozens of people coming in and out. These airborne particles are the culprit behind the early demise of most electronics, especially those that generate a tremendous amount of heat. Projector displays are no exception, and regularly operate at extremely warm if not hot temperatures. When the projector gets hot, it becomes a dust magnet and attracts all of the tiny particles that are floating around.

The reason this is a problem is that these devices require air to cool themselves. As dust begins to fill up the filters inside the projector, the airflow is obstructed and heat is not released. It would be like putting an extra shirt on in the Las Vegas heat today, adding a sweat shirt tomorrow, and finally a parka after that. What do you think the outcome will be? You will most likely wake up in the Clark County Hospital with an IV in your arm wondering why you are recovering from heat stroke.

Encasing the projector in an enclosure can drastically prolong the life of your display. Many architects and AV engineers are recommending, and even requiring, that projectors be placed safely inside an enclosure. The automatic filtering and cooling systems keep your projector in a clean environment, despite any dust students may walk in with.

Screen Solutions International has stock enclosures that can ship in just a few days. We also can provide custom enclosures, hush boxes, indoor, outdoor, weatherproof, vandal resistant, industrial, and many other enclosure types for almost any situation. We can design and fabricate an enclosure for your unique and custom project too!

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