Is your projector overheating? Projectors are highly sophisticated electronic devices that have come very far in the last 10 years. Manufacturers routinely work to out-perform each other and lower costs, but the issue of projector overheating has never been fully solved. This is still a common projection concern, and there are several key factors to consider as to why your projector may be overheating.

The first thing to understand is this: projectors run hot. At least 98% of projectors on the market currently use traditional lamps and bulbs as their light engine. These bulbs produce a tremendous amount of heat, and can easily reach temperatures of 200-300 degrees while in operation. This is not even counting the heat generated by other devices that are near or attached to the projector. Because of this, projectors have two very important basic needs: a clean power supply, and a steady supply of fresh air.

Power is the easier of the two requirements, and is usually easy to obtain. However, there have been several recent studies that show an increase in premature projector failure due to improper or unstable power supplies. Having an erratic power supply results in drastically reduced bulb life and your projector overheating. This can easily be solved in most cases with an accessory item (such as a power conditioner) that will clean up the dirty power and provide a consistent current to your projector.

Fresh air is the second requirement because, without it, your projector can literally shutdown in seconds. It is very critical that you maintain a clear space around the projector so that you do not restrict or limit the airflow into the projector. Without proper air circulation, there is nothing to carry the generated heat away from the projector. Since projector bulbs operate at extremely hot temperatures and must be cooled to avoid overheating, one of two things can happen without a supply of fresh air. Either the projector will shut down unexpectedly, or the bulb will physically explode after prolonged use.

How can you avoid this situation or even eliminate the possibility all together? Be sure to keep the area around the projector clean and free of clutter and any items piled around it. The fans in the projector are specifically designed to cool it at its operating temperatures. If you restrict or block the airflow even in the least, it will result in an unplanned shutdown, warning message, or premature bulb failure.

Screen Solutions International has designed and manufactured projector enclosures to address each of these concerns specifically. Our team members have extensive real-world experience, and know how to combat these and many other problems associated with installing and maintaining projectors. We are not afraid of problems, and we also enjoy the unique and odd scenarios that present themselves to us by integrators, home owners, and DIY’s each and every day. If you have questions about this topic, we are available to answer questions and provide further advice for your particular situation, project, or circumstance.

Screen Solutions International has stock enclosures that can ship in just a few days. We also can provide custom enclosures, hush boxes, indoor, outdoor, weatherproof, vandal resistant, industrial, and many other enclosure types for almost any situation. We can design and fabricate an enclosure for your unique and custom project too!

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