A restaurant projector is great for showing sporting events, news broadcasts, sitcoms, and many other video events with style. With the rage of the Wii and many other interactive game platforms, more and more establishments have installed their own large format digital displays to give the audience that additional fun factor. However, the owners or managers that approve these initial expenditures may not be aware of the maintenance requirements or risk of installing electronics in public food related establishments.

There are heat concerns, humidity issues, power supply issues, hazards from smoke, and many more things to consider. Oftentimes, the need to properly maintain a projector falls by the wayside during the daily rush of customers. It may be that the staff don’t know what will or won’t damage the projector. At the end of the day, all a restaurant wants is to focus on the food and atmosphere for its customers.

Luckily, an enclosure can severely limit any possible complications while also making the restaurant projector easy to manage. By storing the projector in a secure, cooled environment, your display will be protected and keep running for as long as it is needed. Maintenance becomes a breeze when the bulb life is lengthened by the controlled environment a projector enclosure provides.

Screen Solutions International has stock enclosures that can ship in just a few days. We also can provide custom enclosures, hush boxes, indoor, outdoor, weatherproof, vandal resistant, industrial, and many other enclosure types for almost any situation. We can design and fabricate an enclosure for your unique and custom project too!

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