Projector enclosure filtration is a critical function to maintain. Without the proper filter, the projector enclosure will not be able to fully do its job. While a projector enclosures filter is very easy to replace, there is such a thing as a bad filter. There are two broad types of filters you can purchase: coarse media filters and fine media filters.

Each type works in a slightly different way. But, each has the same goal of keeping environmental contaminates out of the projector enclosure. All whileProjector enclosure filter maintaining a consistent supply of fresh air. Once the filter reaches its capacity to trap particulates, it will limit the airflow into your enclosure.

Coarse media filters

These filters are the less expensive type, but lack the required density to catch the majority of particulates in public spaces. Most coarse media filters have to be in use for awhile before they actually begin to trap the airborne dust and contaminates.

As the filter is in use, it will gradually build up debris and begin to work more efficiently. The previously caught debris helps catch more contaminates as time goes on, but will miss a large percentage in the beginning. Essentially, coarse media filters only begin to perform the required task after they have been clogged up for some time.

Fine media enclosure filters

These filters are more expensive, but far more effective. Notice the difference between the filters in the picture; see how much closer the media density is to each other? This shows us that you can catch finer particulates sooner and keep them from entering your projector enclosure.

Both of these filters are shown at the same magnification level, which means the fine media filter will naturally trap airborne contaminates much sooner than a coarse media filter.

We recommend that you replace your projector filter approximately every 30 days in order to maintain proper projector enclosure filtration. This can fluctuate depending on your exact environment, and we recommend monitoring the filter of your projector enclosure during the first 30 days it is in operation.

Customers typically find that by checking the filter 2-3 times during the course of the first month, they can determine the frequency of their filter replacement schedule. It is not uncommon that the filter can be used for longer than 30 days at a time.

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