Is it impossible to increase your projector bulb’s life? Is it wishful thinking to want more efficiency from your projector? We don’t think so, and we believe that to every problem there is a solution. In today’s economy, improving efficiency and extending your projector bulb life is critical to the demands of any AV projects.

How do we accomplish this? Simple: out with the bad and in with the good. We need to remove all the concerns to the electronics as we increase the positive effects on the projector bulb. To do this, we remove contaminates such as dust and heat. Just by doing this, we can drop the bulb temperature more than 100 degrees and keep it running at an optimum level.

Dust is a heat insulator and can restrict the airflow in and through your projector. Because electronics are made up of fragile, mostly plastic parts, heat is a huge concern. Once dust has settled in, excessive heat begins killing your electronics quickly. By having your projector in a projector enclosure, a large percentage of airborne contaminates are caught by the filters. By adding an additional cooling system, the two largest issues for your projector bulb life are virtually eliminated. This keeps your bulb operating at a recommended temperature, and ensures that its usability will not be cut short due to a harmful environment.

If you have a permanent or fixed projector that runs for extended periods of time, give your projector a full time protector by installing a projector enclosure. Your bulb will thank you.

Screen Solutions International has stock enclosures that can ship in just a few days. We also can provide custom enclosures, hush boxes, indoor, outdoor, weatherproof, vandal resistant, industrial, and many other enclosure types for almost any situation. We can design and fabricate an enclosure for your unique and custom project too!

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