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ProjectorEnclosure.com is a website owned and operated by Screen Solutions International - a privately owned business since 2005 that has been manufacturing quality projection surfaces, touch screen technology, and projector enclosures. We have a warehouse, production, and corporate office space located in Rocklin, CA, which is a prime location central to the California hub of West Coast industry and innovation.

We also have introduced our brand new offices located in Florida to better serve existing clients as well as to build new relationships on the East Coast. Our modern facilities are equipped with up-to-date production equipment and follow streamlined and efficient procedures from design and production to shipping of Projector Enclosures and other interactive storefront and touch screen technology.

Screen Solutions International for the last 15 years has provided interactive consulting, interactive hardware, and interactive software to the world's largest brands for tradeshows, storefront advertising, and marketing campaigns, corporate offices, lobbies, and showrooms. Even interactive vehicles that have been converted into rolling touch screens. We specialize in unique, custom, one-of-a-kind and innovative culture that can be utilized to your advantage.

Should you have a project that seems to be extraordinary, chances are that we have done it already or are currently somewhere in the process. We want your experience with interactivity to be an educated one and look forward to helping you create your next experience with Projector Enclosure technology.

A Screen Solutions product since 2005

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