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ProjectorEnclosure.com is a website owned and operated by Screen Solutions International - a privately owned business since 2005 that has been manufacturing quality projection surfaces, touch screen technology, and projector enclosures.
We have a warehouse, production, and corporate office space located in Rocklin,
CA, which is a prime location central to the California hub of West Coast industry
and innovation.

Screen Solutions has been at the forefront of technology for over 18 years,
with clients and relationships that span the globe and multiple industries.

Projector Enclosures have been at the heart of our product lines since the first hand
made acrylic versions were made for manufacturing lines and industrial clients, the
design and look has changed over the years but our commitment to have the best
projector enclosures on the planet has stayed the same We specialize in projector enclosures that cover every range of projects.

From Noise Sensitive Indoor Applications to Outdoor Projects needing fully Climate
Controlled Enclosures. Our Standard Enclosure lines include our Defender (Climate
Controlled – Closed loop system), our Integrator (fan cooled system), our Hush Box
(Noise Dampening system), our UST Enclosures (for Ultra Short Throw Lenses) and
we also provide complete design and fabrication of custom projector enclosures.

A Screen Solutions product since 2005

To speak with a representative, please call 888-631-5880

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