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Projector Enclosures for any Application, Anywhere.

Screen Solutions Projector Enclosure’s are made for any environment. Whether its outdoor needing a Climate Controlled System, or indoor fan-cooled, we have you covered on every front. We manufacturer and design Standard Enclosure’s and Custom Enclosures. Our Standard line includes our Defender (climate controlled), Integrator (fan-cooled), Hush Line (for noise sensitive installs), UST Enclosure’s, and more.

Integrator Projector Enclousure


The Defender Series

is an outdoor climate-controlled enclosure with a closed-loop system. It provides automated control for heating, cooling, and condensation, supplying a distraction-free, low-maintenance housing solution.

Hush Enclosure
Integrator Enclosures

are ideal for indoor and outdoor use, featuring large projection windows and weatherproof cable pass-through. Equipped with thermostatic cooling, top and bottom uni-strut for easy mounting, and a vandal-resistant design for enhanced security.

Defender Enclosure

Hush Enclosures

are specifically designed to quiet the output sound of your projector. These are great for home theaters, offices, and sound-sensitive environments.

Projector Enclosures for Harsh Environments

Screen Solutions offers a range of projector enclosures designed for various environments, including harsh conditions. Our enclosure lines have expanded to include outdoor, indoor, hush, ultra-short throw (UST), and cage options, providing solutions for every application and installation requirement.

Our Defender Line is engineered to excel in challenging environments and comes equipped with essential features such as full insulation, air conditioning, heating, condensation evaporator, and weatherproof cable passthroughs. With worldwide deployment capabilities, you can trust this enclosure to protect your equipment from environmental factors.

In addition to these features, our enclosures include dual breakers for projectors and AV equipment, vandal-proof locking doors, a large projection window, dual doors, an adjustable internal projector mount (portrait or landscape), and two power knockouts. Choose Screen Solutions for reliable and comprehensive projector enclosure solutions.

outdoor theater

Put a Projector Where You Shouldn't.

Cool Your Projector
Cool Your Projector

Our projector enclosures come either fan-cooled or with full climate control to help keep your projector clean and cool.

Keep Dust Out
Keep Dust Out

Both our fan cooled or climate controlled systems are designed to keep your projector protected from the elements, filters on the fan cooled Integrator Series or a closed loop climate control system on Defender Series, we've got you covered!

Protect Your Investment
Protect Your Investment

Every Projector Enclosure we produce comes with security built into the design, from the construction of the enclosure to the locking systems your projector will be protected.

Fan-Cooled Projector Enclosure

Fan-Cooled Projector Enclosures

Available in indoor and outdoor models, our standard fan-cooled projector enclosures are specifically designed to filter ambient air, expel internal hot air, and keep your projector investment working for you longer in a safe and optimal environment.

  • Fan Cooled
  • Internal Breakers/Outlets x2
  • Top and Bottom Uni-Strut
  • Thermostatically Controlled
  • Built in Air Filters
  • Powder Coat Finish
  • Optically Clear projection Window
  • Turnkey, Vandal-Resistant Design

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Air-Conditioned Projector Enclosure

Air-Conditioned Projector Enclosures

Our Defender Series projector enclosures go above and beyond to keep your projector cool, clean and protected in a closed loop fully insulated climate controlled enclosures. Our Defender Series projector enclosures are ideal for projectors ranging from 3,000 to 50,000 lumens.

  • Outdoor Use
  • Weatherproof
  • Climate Controlled
  • Projectors Up To 50,000 Lumens
  • Closed Loop System
  • Fully Insulated
  • Triple Locking doors on most models
  • Powder Coat Finish
  • Heater and Condensation Evaporator

Starts at $5,525

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Indoor Hush Box

Indoor Hush Boxes

Our Hush Enclosures bring the external noise of the enclosure and equipment inside to a sub 10dba output, making it the ideal projector enclosure for sound sensitive environments.

  • Indoor Use
  • SUB 10dba sound output
  • Filters ambient air
  • Helps Lengthen Projector & Bulb Life
  • Turnkey, Vandal-Resistant Design
  • Powder Coat Finish
  • Thermostatically Controlled

Starts at $7,735

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Projector Cage

Projector Cages

Looking to secure your projector without any additional cooling, filtration, or environmental protection? Then projector cages are a great solution for you!

  • Steel Cage Fully Encloses Projector
  • Protect Against Recreational Damage
  • Ceiling, Wall, shelf or pedestal mount
  • Built in Projector Mount
  • Locking design
  • Power Coast Finish
  • Standard, UST and Custom

Starts at $1,105

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Custom Projector Enclosures

Custom Projector Enclosures

Aside from our standard lines of projector enclosures, we offer custom solutions based on project requirements, design features, aesthetics and more!

  • Indoor & Outdoor Solutions
  • Design, fabrication, Fulfillment
  • Per Project Requirements
  • Custom-Fitted To Your Projector
  • We Keep Your Budget In Mind
  • Pick Colors and Options
  • No Minimum Orders

We look forward to working with you.

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Ultra Short Throw Projector Enclosure
Custom Projector Enclosures

are more common than you might think. We have designed and built so many custom enclosures for a large number of major industries. Weather-instrument enclosures, projection-mapping enclosures, projector-enclosure benches and many others.

Our design team has designed and built custom projector enclosures for customers all over the globe and we enjoy taking on new design challenges and projects that will push the limits of projection displays and projector enclosures.

Our Projector Cages

offer protection without the need for cooling or heating. Typical install areas for these are schools, gymnasiums, and more. With standard mount Options such as ceiling, shelf, lifts, and pedestals.
Our cages also come standard with a locking door and internal Projector Mount. Standard Powder Coat colors are black or white with options for Custom Colors.

ultra short throw projector enclosure wall mount
Ultra Short Throw

Projectors changed the projection industry forever and opened up so many new applications and installations that were never possible before, ultra short throw projectors require specifically design enclosures.

With the extreme angle of throw, oddly sized projectors and lenses these enclosures give these amazing projection systems the ability to be used outdoors and almost anywhere.

We make Ultra short throw enclosure in the Defender Series, Integrator Series, Hush Series and Custom enclosures.

Design to Completion

Our projector enclosures come ready to go right out of the box

Find Your Projector Measurements Choose the Right Size Enclosure Order Your New Enclosure Install and Plug In Your Enclosure Protect Your Investment

Get started by learning more about our enclosures.

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